The Butterfly

MArch | Summer Project 2021 | Chantry Tennis Club – Feasibility Study & Proposal (Individual)

The Butterfly is a Tennis Pavilion designed as part of a semi-live project for Chantry Tennis Club located in Moseley Park. The proposal was driven by the need for a new pavilion that could cater for current and future needs. The requirement to create views for spectators and members across both tennis courts was key, as well as the need to optimise passive environmental strategies to encourage the proposal to be as self sustaining as possible.

In response, ‘The Butterfly’ proposal found form during the optimisation for rainwater harvesting, opting for a ‘butterfly’ roof design to funnel water runoff before letting it fall into rainwater harvesting tanks either side. The pavilion itself has been elevated one metre above the ground via structural Oak stilts before taking advantage of the slope of the landscape which falls gently towards Moseley Pool.

Exterior Visual
North Elevation
Exterior Visual
Section A
Exploded Construction Isometric

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