Political Influence: Berlin’s Memorialisation & The Neues Museum

My final year dissertation investigated the political factors influencing the contemporary memorialisation of Berlin in an attempt to find a cultural identity amongst the memories and scars of the past. The extended essay evaluates authenticity through independence of the state, the role of modernism in selecting memorial sites and the role that ‘surfaces of memory’ have in creating a collective memory.

The Neues Museum restoration, designed by David Chipperfield was a case study used to explore the researched theoretical principles that suggested political influence. Whilst the restoration itself was deemed authentic due to the endeavour to preserve original elements whilst contrasting the new, the political influences behind the redevelopment of Museum Island aimed to push urban politics and the will to optimise city tourism.

To read read my final year dissertation, please follow the below link:

Cultural Context Dissertation // Political Influence: Berlin’s Memorialisation & The Neues Museum by Laura Hastings

Digital Sketch of Restored Neues Museum
Historical Context Timeline of Berlin

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