Technical Investigation

The Technical Investigation module focussed on the evaluation of sustainability. This was conducted as group and individual work. The group work comprised of pairs researching and analysing the sustainability features associated with their given case study before ranking and comparing the buildings as a wider group. For my individual study, I researched the extent to which passivhaus principles could contribute towards achieving ‘truly’ sustainable architecture.

Perspective Section Exhibition Drawing of the WWF Living Planet Centre Case Study, Detailing Sustainability Strategies (Pair Work)

My Technical Investigation report researched the following question: Is it possible for a building to achieve true net zero carbon emissions without the implementation of passivhaus principles?

To read my report on passivhaus and the extent to which the implementation of passivhaus principles can achieve a ‘truly’ sustainable building, please click here or follow the below link:

Technical Investigation Report // Passivhaus Principles and Sustainability by Laura Hastings

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