The Poppies

BA (Hons) Architecture| Second Year | Project 4 (Individual Work) | Housing: When Species Meet

The Poppies is a residential scheme for Veterans and Service Leavers which aims to support and facilitate a healthy transition from life in the armed forces into normal civilian life. the scheme features a focus on human interaction with nature and to encourage residents to walk or cycle, both facilitating means of rehabilitation and healing. By proposing three housing typologies and 4 unit types, the scheme was able to cater for service leavers with physical disabilities, mental health disorders as well as provision for affected families. The proposal is situation on the former Boots Island site, Nottingham; a masterplan was also developed to explore how a non-human species can inhabit the urban landscape and live in harmony with their human counterparts.

Maisonette Residential Block:

Independent Living Bungalows:

Apartments Residential Block:

Community Centre:

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