The Plastide Museum

BA (Hons) Architecture| Second Year | Project 2 (Individual Work) | Museum for a Speculative Future

The Plastide Museum has been designed to raise awareness at increasingly polluted waterways globally, and the impact that plastic pollution has on sea life and the marine ecosystem. Its connection to Nottingham’s Canal brings in more local context to visitors in an attempt to discourage the usage of single use plastics. The museum has adopted a brutalist, geometric take on wave forms and gills reminiscent of oceans and many sea creatures. The interior experience of the architecture is designed to create a sense of disorientation and disconnect with the outside world as a means of facilitating the sense of responsibility and realisation. The landscaping strategy expands further, both in its geometry and by incorporating several pavilions designed to recreate and hone in on specific emotions felt by marine life affected by plastic pollution.

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